Temperature Calibration

We calibrate equipment to a traceable certificated standard.

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Why Calibrate?

Calibration, a legal requirement for equipment used to measure temperatures of stored pharmaceutical products, is vitally important wherever confidence in measurement is essential.  There is a tendency for results and accuracy of measurement equipment to ‘drift’ over time.  Calibration of such equipment to a certificated standard enables users to have confidence in the results they record. If not familiar with the standards, frequency and processes involved, properly maintaining calibrated equipment can prove to be confusing, time consuming and expensive.

Important considerations

  • Measurement confidence
  • Equipment accuracy
  • Long term cost saving
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Calibration Standards.

In an environment of escalating competition, tighter margins and growing costs associated with an expanding regulatory burden, maintaining high standards of pharmaceutical related practices and services pose a number of challenges.

In addition, responsible parties are faced with providing reliable up to date evidence of compliance, in the case of audits and investigations by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) and other stakeholders, with numerous rules relating to Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP).

Important features of our monitoring system

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