Your most convenient and cost effective temperature monitoring solution.

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PharmaScout is a blend of hardware and services designed to remove technology confusion and standards uncertainty in a single point solution.

 The 4 pillars of a temperature compliance solution.

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The MasterScout is designed to collect data from TempScouts within the storage area.  This gateway is connected to servers via the internet to provide real time credible data collection, analysis, reporting and out of limit notifications and alarms.

Additionally, the MasterScout provides an audible and visual display of temperature data and notifications.  The internal rechargable battery backup maintains full functionality independent of a mains power supply or active internet connection.


TempScouts are designed to automatically sample temperature values in either ‘Mapping’ or ‘Monitoring’ mode. These wireless sensors are effortlessly installed throughout the storage area to measure and transfer real time temperature data to the MasterScout.

The PharmaScout Solution

  • Compliance with temperature monitoring regulation.
  • An all inclusive solution provided as a service.
  • Affordable monthly fee.
  • Can adapt as compliance standards change.
  • Annual calibration certification of TempScouts.
  • Equipment fully maintained.
  • Annual temperature mapping study.
  • No technology confusion and standards uncertainty.
  • Automated data recording and storage.
  • Hardware replaced annually.
  • Fully installed and audited on site
  • Alarming regardless of power and internet connection.
  • SMS & email out of range notifications.
  • Digital display regardless of power & internet connection.
  • Validation of data with real time tamper alarm.
  • Web based access to data.
  • Daily reports available to demonstrate compliance.
  • Data storage.
  • Takes on the responsibility for maintaining compliance.
  • Wireless technology.
  • Unobtrusive installation.
  • Reduces the risk of liability.
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