The Temperature Monitoring Compliance Minefield…

The ever changing compliance landscape is difficult to navigate, often resulting in standards confusion at the best of times.
Recent amendments for implementation to the Rules relating to what constitutes good pharmacy practice have been made to the storage of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.
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Our comprehensive 
temperature monitoring service solution

PharmaScout. Your most convenient and cost effective solution.

5Nines Technologies introduces PharmaScout. The first in its Scout range of wireless solutions. Designed to evolve over time as requirements change.

The only service provider in South Africa who can meet all the elements required to comply with temperature monitoring Rules.  PharmaScout provides peace of mind with the legal burden of temperature monitoring compliance by meeting all of the new requirements of temperature monitoring Rules with a single point solution.


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Unsure about the technical details of monitoring equipment? Unsure about mapping schedules and calibration requirements, or just concerned about buying the wrong equipment?  No need to worry! We offer a full service solution that keeps you up to date with your compliance obligations. This includes all the equipment, annual mapping and calibration requirements, alarming functions, compliance reporting, installation and maintenance, all for a cost effective monthly fee.

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