About 5nines Technologies

99.999% (5nines) is where the name originates. It refers to the high availability of services, when the downtime is less than 5.26 minutes per year. This number is part of our DNA. It forms part of our ethos.

5nines is the practical result and vision of its founders who believe that leveraging new technology can help people and business increase productivity, create efficiencies and build reputations.  Based in Cape Town, South Africa, 5nines is a technology company established to initiate, design, develop and manufacture a wide range of ‘out of the box’ locally relevant technologies into ‘full service solutions’ that make business sense.

During March 2015, 5nines introduced its first bespoke M2M solution for pharmacies and doctors licenced to dispense medication.  PharmaScout, an automated wireless environmental monitoring system is designed to offer a full solution for compliance with temperature monitoring rules.  This solution is relevant to the South African regulatory environment and is offered as a complete Solution as a Service (SaaS).

The 5nines Promise

Quality, value, innovation, simplicity and honesty.

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